1Zharkov, IP, 1Maslov, VO, 1Safronov, VV, 1Khodunov, VO
1Institute of Physics, NАS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Nauka innov. 2010, 6(5):45-49
Section: Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity
Language: Ukrainian
With the purpose of hardware support of long-term research experiments at temperatures 1.6÷350 or 77÷350 К cost-effective universal temperature-controlled cryosystem, working both with liquid helium and with liquid nitrogen more than 48 hours and characterized by the temperature stabilization up to ±0,05 K precision without modification of its construction is created. It is shown that the cons truction provides operation in a necessary temperature range with the accuracy up to ±0,05 К at minimum con sumption of cryocoolant.
Keywords: cryosystem, helium, long-term experiment, nitrogen, temperature stability, thermal control
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