Quantitative Analysis of the Co-Publications of Ukrainian Scientists with the Nobel Laureates 1994-2018 in Science

TitleQuantitative Analysis of the Co-Publications of Ukrainian Scientists with the Nobel Laureates 1994-2018 in Science
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsNazarovets, SA
Short TitleNauka innov.
SectionThe World of Innovations
Introduction. The Nobel Prize is awarded annually for outstanding scientific discoveries and inventions. Most scientific papers today are co-authored by a large number of researchers. However, very few scientists can receive the Nobel Prize according to the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation. An analysis of the co-authorship of the Nobel laureates will make it possible to identify employees of Ukrainian institutions who have collaborated with leading scientists of the world, whose scientific works were noted by Nobel.
Problem Statement. For the development of science in Ukraine it is important to study the successful experience of cooperation of domestic research institutions with leading world scientists and research centers, because international scientific collaboration facilitates the process of acquiring new knowledge, promotes mutual enrichment of ideas, efficient use of resources and expands opportunities for further use of research results.
Purpose. Explore the network of collaborators research institutions of Ukraine workers with Nobel laureates in selected scientific fields.
Materials and Methods. Created a list with Scopus ID Nobel laureates 1994-2018 in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology. Using the Scopus database, selected publications of Nobel Prize winners, which were written in collaboration with scientists who worked in Ukrainian institutions. The number of these publications, their authors, the type, time of writing and the number of citations were determined.
Results. The 31 publications were singled out, in which the Nobel laureates of 1994-2018 and employees of scientific institutions of Ukraine were co-authors. A total of 37 such authors from 14 scientific institutions have been identified.
Conclusions. The data obtained indicate that the employees of scientific institutions of Ukraine published very few papers in collaborations with Nobel Prize winners of 1994-2018 in comparison with employees of institutions in leading countries in publishing activity. Consequently, the system of relations of Ukrainian institutions with foreign scientific institutions, whose employees make an important contribution to scientific progress, is underdeveloped.
Keywordsco-authors, employees of Ukrainian institutions, Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize laureates, quantitative analysis