Strategic Priorities in Measuring the Publication and Publishing Works in Scholarly Research Activity

1Kotlyarevsky, Ya.V
2Radchenko, AI
1Melnikov, OV
3Semenyuk, EP
1Academy of Financial Management, Kyiv
2Publishing House «Akademperiodyka», NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
3Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute National Technical University of Ukraine
Nauka innov. 2018, 14(5):5-18
Section: General Problems of the Modern Research and Innovation Policy
Language: Ukrainian
Introduction. The problems of correct use of scientometric tools in the context of the development of domestic professional periodicals have been discussed.
Problem Statement. Measuring the publication works in scholarly research activity and creating a correct indicator system for this have been shown to require as wide as possible professional discussion and improvement.
Purpose of this research is to make proposals on the formation of strategic priorities for the assessment of influence of statistical and derivative scientometric base on the publication activity of researchers.
Materials and Methods. The regulations in order to increase the efficiency of publishing the scholarly research periodicals in Ukraine have been analyzed. The correlation between the scholarly research activity and the assessment of effectiveness of their activities have been studied in the context of correct use of scientometric indices.
Results. A 2D approach based on searching for effective principles of state regulation in terms of introduction of effective tools for analysis and evaluation of publication/publishing activities of researchers, R&D institutions, and educational institutions has been proposed. The formulated proposals take into account the needs for the formation of a balanced approach to the development of domestic professional scholarly research periodicals in order to ensure sustainable development of the national information sphere.
Conclusions. Effective presentation of results of publication activities should be further discussed in the context of improving the quality standards of domestic professional scholarly research periodicals, underlying the foundations for correct assessment of publishing products and activities, and making appropriate ratings.
Keywords: priorities of publication and publishing activity, publication activity, scholarly research periodicals, scientometrics