Nauka innov. 2012, 8(5):72–78

V.Yu. Yatsyshyn1, M. Kluz2, D.V. Fedorovych1, А.А. Sibirny1,2
1Institute of Cell Biology, NAS of Ukraine, Lviv
2Rzeszowski Uniwersytet, Poland


Construction of the Overproducers and Development of Technology for Flavin Mononucleotide Production Based on Yeast Candida famata

Section: Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The strains of the yeast Candida famata containing 5-6 copies of FMN1 gene (encoding riboflavin kinase) were constructed. The optimal conditions for flavin mononucleotide (FMN) synthesis under batсh and feed-batсh cultivation were investigated. The medium components and cultivation conditions for maximal accumulation of product – FMN were optimized.
Key words: flavin mononucleotide (FMN), yeast, Candida famata, oversynthesis, overproducers.