Geological Sciences in Academic Publications

TitleGeological Sciences in Academic Publications
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRadchenko, AI, Didenko, Yu.V
Short TitleNauka innov.
SectionGeneral Problems of the Modern Research and Innovation Policy
Using materials of annual reports made by scientific institutions of the NAS of Ukraine, annual annotated book catalogues and catalogues of periodicals of the NAS of Ukraine scientific geological publications issued in 2005-2015 are analyzed. The contribution of publishing products issued by geology-oriented institutions to the general totality of the Academy’s publications is noted. The distribution of publishing products of geology-oriented institutions within the criteriaof publication type and separately foreign publications is considered.The participation of geology-oriented institutions of the NAS of Ukraine in all-academic publishing projects within the framework of the state order of the NAS of Ukraine is presented. The results of collaboration between Publishing House «Akademperiodyka» of the NAS of Ukraine and nonNASU geology-oriented institutions are described. The modern state of academic scientific geology-oriented periodicals is analyzed and the main attention is drawn to the journals of the Earth Sciences Department of the NAS of Ukraine.
KeywordsEarth Sciences Department, geological sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, scientific periodicals, scientific publications