Chemical Solutions of Fire Protection Problems

1Vakhitova, LM, 1Calafat, KV, 1Drizhd, VL, 1Taran, NА
1L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Coal Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Nauka innov. 2015, 11(6):47-56
Section: The World of Innovations
Language: Ukrainian

The modern approaches to the creation of fire protective coatings by modifying intumescent systems by nanomaterials with study of the chemical reaction mechanisms under the high temperatures influence were considered. A systematic study of the interactions of components of polyphosphate type intumescent blend were carried out, a well-defined correlations between the directions of chemical processes and fire retardant properties of intumescent coatings were found. Efficient ways to simultaneous increase of fireprotective efficiency and performance characteristics of intumescent coatings (operatin life, resistance to environmental factors and bioсontamination) were proposed. The results of fundamental research allowed to develop new formulations of flame retardant compositions, whose properties have been confirmed by tests in accordance with existing standardized methods, these results were introduced into production.

Keywords: biocides, fire-protective efficiency, intumescent system, montmorillonite, nanomaterials, operation life