Experimental Equipment and Basic Technological Methods of Obtaining Cavitation Protective Coatings on Working Surfaces of Steam Turbine Blades Made of Titanium Alloy VT6 in Order to Replace Imports of Similar Products

1Bilous, VA
1Voevodin, VM
1Khoroshikh, VM
1Nosov, GI
1Marinin, VG
1Leonov, SO
1Ovcharenko, VD
1Kovalenko, VI
1Komar, AA
1Kuprin, AS
1Shpagina, LO
1National Science Center Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, the NAS of Ukraine
Nauka innov. 2016, 12(4):27-37
Section: Research and Engineering Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
The experimental equipment and basic technological methods of obtaining сavitation protective coatings on the working surfaces of blades of steam turbines from titanium alloy VT6 have been created. The selection and the basis of the composition and conditions of synthesis of optimal coating for hardening blades have been justified. The parameters of deposition process of coatings on the blade model have been worked, the experimental technological deposition process of hardening coatings has been created. The tests of titanium alloy VT6 samples with the preferred coatings in simulation conditions close to operational have been conducted. The coatings on the blade model of length up to 130 cm and weight up to 30 kg have been deposited. The velocity of the TiN coating depositing was  10 mkm/h.
Keywords: blades of turbines, cavitation firmness, coatings, vacuum-arc method