Self-Sustained Flameless Heat Generator Based on Catalytic Oxidation of Methane or Propane-Butane Mixture for Various Object Heating Including Field Heating

1Strizhak, PYe.
1Solovyov, SO
1Trypolsky, AI
1Kirienko, PI
1Stoliarchuk, IL
1L.V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of the Physical Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine
Nauka innov. 2016, 12(5):32-46
Section: General Questions of Modern Research and Innovation Policy
Language: Ukrainian
An effective catalyst based on ceramic block support with honeycomb structure made of synthetic cordierite with low coefficient of temperature linear expansion has been developed. Flameless heat generator based on oxidation of methane or propane-butane mixture has been designed. Laboratory and bench testing revealed that the effectiveness of the generators is identical to foreign analogues. The production of self-sustained flameless heat catalytic generators and the catalysts have been adjusted.
Keywords: catalyst for flameless methane or propane-butane mixture oxidation, catalytic heat generator, cordierite, honeycomb structure cells