Implementation of Molecular Systems for Identification of Genetic Polymorphism in Winter Wheat to Obtain High-Performance Specialized Varieties

1Morgun, BV
1Stepanenko, AI
1Stepanenko, OV
2Bannikova, MO
1Holubenko, AV
1Nitovska, IO
1Maystrov, PD
1Grodzinsky, DM
1Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
2Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Nauka innov. 2016, 12(2):40-56
Section: Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
The molecular genetic polymorphism detection systems to screen the presence of alleles in winter wheat 100 varieties were developed. Polymerase chain reactions were deployed to identify relevant genes. The level of allele prevalence of low and medium activity of polyphenol oxidase enzymes was defined and the validation was carried out. Wheat varieties carrying rye 1AL.1RS, 1BL.1RS translocations were characterized and those containing recessive allele of Tamyb10 gene, with Stb4 gene resistance to Septoria linked to polymorphic locus Xgwm111. Waxy wheat variety was discovered and other varieties carrying atypical functional Wx-B1e allele. Characteristics of 100 elite and perspective varieties of wheat were compiled for the presence of alleles of genes determining grain quality (genes PPO, Tamyb10-A1, Wx), resistance to biotic and abiotic stress (rye translocative material, Tamyb10-A1, Stb4).
Keywords: allele, grain quality characteristics, polymerase chain reactions, primer, wheat