Innovative Development of Coordinate-Sensitive Detector of Focused Ion Beams for Spectroscopy

1Sidorenko, VP
1Radkevich, OI
1Prokofiev, Yu.V
1Tayakin, Yu.V
1Eremenko, VM
1Research Institute of Microdevices, R&D Complex Institute for Single Crystals of the NAS of Ukraine
Nauka innov. 2019, 15(4):47-61
Section: Research and Engineering Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Introduction. The urgent task for modern analytical apparatus designed for quantitative analysis of multi-elemental composition of substances is to create multichannel coordinate-sensitive detectors (CSD) of charged particles for spectroscopy, which operate in real time.
Problem Statement. The Institute of Microdevices (IMD) of the NAS of Ukraine has developed a large integrated circuit (LIC) for CSD based on which using microchannel plates (MCP), experimental samples of CSD devices have been designed and manufactured. The studies carried out at the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) of the NAS of Ukraine have shown high characteristics of the device, in particular, its high sensitivity. The feasibility of further research has been confirmed.
Purpose. To create a new generation of multichannel CSD devices with expanded field of analysis and improved technical characteristics.
Materials and Methods. The developed CSD device uses the F4772-01 MCP of Hamamatsu, Japan. The LIC is manufactured using the CMOS technology with design standards of 1 μm, n-type pockets, 384 electrode sensors, and 218603 transistors on a 9.8×8.9 mm crystal. The microcircuit is made in a discrete wafer form, on flexible carriers of aluminum-polyimide type (modification 2).
Results. The development of a new generation 5-crystal CSD device has enabled expanding the field of simultaneous analysis of the spatial distribution of ion beams of arbitrary composition and, accordingly, the range of elements analyzed simultaneously, as well as increasing the speed of analyzing and reading data 5 and 2.5 times, respectively.
Conclusions. The use of the circuitry solution protected by the Patent of Ukraine No 117788 has significantly reduced the dependence of detector sensitivity on the differences in the design parameters of the amplifier-driver transistors, which has made it possible to create a new generation 5-crystal CSD device and to expand the range of elements analyzed simultaneously. Using the advanced CMOS technology for the manufacture of LIC crystals, optimization of circuit design and topological solutions have enabled obtaining high technical characteristics of the CSD device.
Keywords: coordinate-sensitive detector, large integrated circuit CMOS technology, mass spectrometry