Utilization of Ni-Cr-Containing Wastes is the Way to Environment Safety

1Bondarenko, BI
1Sokolov, VM
1Yakubovsky, VP
1Yurchenko, GD
1Bezugly, VK
1Golovchenko, VL
1The Gas Institute, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Nauka innov. 2007, 3(6):48-57
Section: Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity
Language: Ukrainian
The conditions of formation and properties of fines of Ni-containing wastes in the metallurgical and chemical production had been studied. An evaluation of the ecological influence of such wastes pyrometallurgical recycling is given and the ways of its elimination are ascertained. The different methods of the dust agglomeration for the pellet production had been described. The thermos-chemical analyses of the wastes' utilization process had been carried out with using of the GAS software for evaluation of the elaborated technology influence on environment. The ways for the decreasing of carbon and nitrogen oxides concentration in effluent gases are pointed out
Keywords: ferronickel, fines of Ni-containing wastes, pellet, pyrometallurgical processing

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