Nauka innov. 2012, 8(4):25–32

S.P. Ozheredov, D.I. Lytvyn, S.I. Spivak, A.I. Yemets, Y.B. Blume
State Institution «Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics» NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv


Testing and Implementation of Highly Efficient Synergistic Herbicides Compositions in Grain and Industrial Crops: Screening of Compositions and Testing Their Herbicide Activity

Section:  Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Systems for herbicide activity increasing for postemergence prevention of annual and perennial monocotyledonous weeds invasion in crops of monocotyledonous cereals (winter wheat) and dicotyledonous crops (rapeseed, sunflower, etc.) using highly efficient compositions based on commercial graminicides and derivatives of dinitroanilines are developed. It is shown that the investigated compounds dinitroaniline, commercial herbicides «Aksial» (Syngenta), «Furore-Super» (Bayer CropScіence) and «Fyuzilad forte» (Syngenta), as well as their compositions are active inducers of apoptosis in a plant cell. It was found that the induction of apoptotic processes occurs as a result of synergistic effect of the application of commercial graminicides and new dinitroaniline derivatives as herbicide composition.
Key words: herbicides, аryloxyphenoxypropionates, рhenylpyrazoline, dinitroaniline derivatives, synergism, apoptosis, weeds, crops and industrial crops.