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1Vovk MI, 1Halian Ye.B, 1Kutsiak OA Computer Software and Hardware Complex for Personal Oral Speech Restoration after a Stroke. 2020 ;16(1):57-72.
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1Sharifibamrood M, 1Mafi M Designing and Manufacturing the Arad Rescue Robot and Evaluating Its Efficiency for USAR Missions. 2020 ;16(1):88-99.
1Khokhlov AV  https://оrcid.оrg/0000-0001-5340-1869, 1Khokhlova LY  https://оrcid.оrg/0000-0002-2201-1312, 1Titarenko MV  https://оrcid.оrg/0000-0001-7232-5320. Development of Bio Sorption Composites of a Destructive Type for Purification of Soil Contaminated with Pesticides. 2020 ;16(3):69-80.
1Paschenko Ye.O, 1Kukharenko SA, 1Riabchenko SV, 1Bychyhin VM, 1Shatokhin VV Development of the Technology for Manufacturing and Introducing a New Class of Tools with CVD Diamond for Grinding High-Precision Gear Wheels of Special Gear Units. 2020 ;16(1):73-80.
1Kraus NM, 1Kraus KM, 2Andrusiak NO. Digital Cubic Space as a New Economic Augmented Reality. 2020 ;16(3):96-111.
Heyets VM, 1Kirilenko OV, 2Basok BI, 2Baseyev Ye.T Energy Strategy: Projections (Review). 2020 ;16(1):3-15.
1Surianinov MG, 2Otrosh Yu.A, 1Balduk PG, 3Dadashov IF Experimental and Computer Research of Reinforced Concrete Columns Under High Temperature Effects. 2020 ;16(2):55-61.
1Dikarev KB, 1Kuzmenko OM, 1Petrenko VO, 1Sankov PM, 1Kyslytsia LV, 2Ibadov N Experimental Study of Operating Indicators of a Thermalactic Covering Panel. 2020 ;16(2):62-71.