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1Strielkowski W, 2Gryshova I. Academic Publishing and «Predatory» Journals. 2018 ;14(1):05-12.
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1Nazarovets SA. Black Open Access in Ukraine: Analysis of Downloading Sci-Hub Publications by Ukrainian Internet Users. 2018 ;14(2):19-26.
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1Klymenko SA, 1Prokopiv MM. Creation оf New Types оf Competitive Cutting Plates аnd Manufacture оf Pilot Instrument Part for Mechanical Processing Hard-To-Machine Materials. 2018 ;14(1):80-85.
1Khimich OM, 1Mova VІ, 1Nikolaichuk ОO, 1Popov OV, 1Chistjakova ТV, 1Tulchinsky VG. Deintelligent Parallel Computer with Intel Xeon Phi Processors of New Generation. 2018 ;14(6):66-79.
1Petrov VV, 1Antonov Ye.Ye., 1Kryuchyn AA, 1Shanoilo SM. Development and Implementation of High-performance Circular Retroreflective Elements for Illumination of Highways and Transport Networks of Kyiv. 2018 ;14(5):63-67.
1Bondarenko BI, 1Kozhan OP, 1Dmitriev VM, 1Rjabchuk VS, 1Strativnov Ye.V, 1Simeiko KV. Development of Technology and Trial Production of Extremely High Resistant Nanoporous Graphite Sealers for Nuclear Reactors. 2018 ;14(5):68-74.
1Semkiv MV, 1Ternavska OT, 1Dmytruk KV, 2Sibirny AA. Effect of Trehalose and Glycerol on the Resistance of Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains to Desiccation, Freeze-Thaw and Osmotic Stresses. 2018 ;14(6):80-92.