Nauka innov. 2012, 8(5):49–56

V.I. Marukha1, V.M. Fedirko2, Ya.A. Serednytskyi1, A.T. Pichuhin2, O.G. Lukyanenko2, M.P. Voloshyn1
1State Enterprise Engineering Center «Techno-Resource», NAS of Ukraine, Lviv
2G.V. Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute, NAS of Ukraine, Lviv


Development of the Two-Component Polymer «Cold» Hardening Materials and Creation of their Pilot-Industrial Production for Ensuring Renewing Works of the Damaged Concrete and Iron-Concrete Constructions of Fuel and Energy Balance Complex

Section: Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Using the scientific-technical expertise of foreign polymer injection renewing materials the formulas for production of two-component poly- urethane, polyurethane-silicon and foam-polyurethane–silicon compositions of «cold» hardening are developed. Their pilot-industrial manufacture is realized. The polymer injection materials were investigated and introduced in the processes of renewal of crack-damaged concrete and iron-concrete structures of the fuel and energy balance industry of Ukraine.
Key words: iron-concrete, construction, crack, damage, polyurethane material, injection, renewing, strength.