Innovation Developments of Coal Chemistry Science in L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Coal Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine

1Shendrik, TG
1L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical Organic and Coal Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Nauka innov. 2015, 11(6):75-84
Section: The World of Innovations
Language: Ukrainian

The article presents short historical review and innovation developments of Coal Chemistry Department of L.M. Litvinenko Institute, NAS of Ukraine connected with coal mine exploitation problems, search for decisions toward prevention of spontaneous combustion, dust control in mines, establishing structural chemical features of coal with different genesis and stages of metamorphism with the aim to develop new methods of their modification and rational use. The methods of obtaining inexpensive sorbents from Ukrainian raw materials (including carbon containing waste) are proposed. The problems of modern coal chemistry science in IPOCC of NAS of Ukraine are outlined.

Keywords: coal, coke, modification, nanoporous sorbents, structure, thermolysis