General Questions of Modern Research
and Innovation Policy

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 591 from August 14, 2013 «On public procurement of goods, works and services for state needs in 2013»
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):5-11
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Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity

G.M. Lyavynets, A.V. Gavrysh,O.V. Nemirich, L.Yu. Arsenyeva
Technology of Emulsion-Type Sauces of Higher Nutritional Value
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):15-19
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Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Yu.N. Shevchenko, N.F. Andrushko, M.E. Babeshko, M.V. Banyas, A.Z. Galishin, P.G. Dehtyarenko, V.G. Savchenko, A.M. Tonkonozhenko, N.N. Tormakhov
Development of Mathematical Models and Computer Technologies for the Virtu al Destructive Testing of Shell Structures
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):23-30
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N.M. Makhlin, O.E. Korotynskii, A.O. Sviridenko
Hardware and Software Complexes for Automatic Position Pipe Welding at Nuclear Power Plants
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):31-45
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V.A. Belous, V.M. Khoroshikh, G.I. Nosov, S.A. Leonov, A.A. Komar, V.D. Ovcharenko, A.S. Kuprin, E.N. Reshetnyak, M.G. Kholomeev, V.A. Radchenko, N.V. Dedukh, S.V. Malishkina, F.S. Leont’eva, O.A. Nikol’chenko, K.M. Samoylova
Development of Ion-Plasma Technology of Deposition of the Nanostructure Bactericidal Coatings on Orthopaedic Implantats and Fixative Devices. Production of Pilot Samples for Verification of their Use in Clinic
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):46-60
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D.F. Gluzman, L.M. Sklyarenko, M.P. Zavelevich, S.V. Koval, T.S. Ivanovskaya, L.Yu. Poludnenko, N.I. Ukrainskaya, G.D. Тelegeev, M.V. Dybkov, L.A. Polischuk
Complex Diagnosis of Myeloid Neoplasms in Regional Oncological Centers
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):61-72
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The World of Innovations

I.A. Kossko, A.A. Onoprienko, T.G. Kossko
Carbon. Examples of Property Realization
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):75-84
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Innovation-Focused Projects
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):85-88
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NAS Ukraine
Scientific Achievements of Institutions of NAS of Ukraine Jubilee Exhibition
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):89-102
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Index of Materials Published in «Science and Innovations»
at 2013 (Volume 9)

Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):103-107
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Information section

Our Authors
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(6):108-109

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