Scientific basis of innovative activity

G.A. Krutovyi, G.V. Zaparenko, L.O. Kasilova, O.V. Nemirich, A.V. Gavrysh
Mathematical Modeling of Prescription Composition of Cupcake with High Nutritional Value
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):5-9
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V.V. Martich, G.E. Polischuk, M.I. Serbova
Research of Wheat Germ Foaming Capacity in Dairy Ice-Cream Composition
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):10-16
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Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

V.P. Klimenko, V.B. Korbut, N.G. Iyevlyev, V.G. Butko, S.D. Lutov, O.V. Gedz, S.E. Moiseenko, N.G. Aronov, E.O. Bondarenko, V.A. Dimitrenko, E.A. Vasyuk, V.V. Zharinov
Energy-Saving Automation and LED Lighting Systems in Industry, Transport, Building and Municipal Sector
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):19-26
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N. Novikov, V. Lavrinenko, M. Sheiko, V. Scriabin, A. Maximenko, V. Skok
High Technology Development and Creation of Experimental Industrial Area of High-Performance Precision Diamond Dress Tool Production for Engineering Needs and Import Substitution in Ukraine
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):27-31
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S.A. Firstov, V.F. Gorban, А.О. Аndreev, N.A. Krapivka
Superhard Coatings on the Basis of High-Entropy Alloys
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):32-39
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E. Alekseeva, G. Lisichenko, Y. Zabulonov, V. Burtnyak, L.Odukalets
Multifunction Analyzer for Effective Search and Localization of Hidden Sources of Ionizing Radiation with Real-Time Determination of their Geographical Coordinates
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):40-47
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K.P. Kostogryz
Installation for Manufacture of the Heat-Insulating Filler as Hollow Micropellets
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):48-54
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V.A. Berezovskii, M.I. Levashov, S.L. Saphonov
Technology and «Osteotest» Device for Non-Invasive Electrodiagnostic Testing of Human Bone Tissue
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):55-65
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The World of Innovations

S.P. Ponomarenko, V.A. Tsygankova, Ya.B. Blume, A.P. Galkin
New Trend in Crop Production – Application of Plant Natural Multicomponent Growth Regulators with Bioprotective Effect
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):69-77
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Information Section

Our Authors
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(5):78-79

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