General Questions of Modern Research
and Innovation Policy

M. Gorohovatska, K. Shakhbazyan
Joint and Coordinated Calls for Science and Technology Programs between Ukraine and the European Commission as a Potential Tool for Harmonization of the EU-Ukraine Priorities
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):5-10
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Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity

A.Yu. Chalenko
Self-Organization, Entropy in Nature and Economics
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):13-24
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A.V. Yakovleva, S.V. Boichenko, O.A Vovk
Impact of Aviation Fuel Quality on Flight Safety and Environment
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):25-30
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M.I. Pogozhyh, V.V. Yevlash, O.V. Nemirich, I.M. Pavlyuk, A.V. Gavrysh, T.A. Tarasenko
Determination of Dispersion of Zucchini and Cabbage Powders
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):31-34
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G.E. Polischuk, L.M. Matsko, O.V. Goncharuk
The Effect of Thermal Processing on Apple Puree's Structuring Ability
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):35-40
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Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

V.P. Maslov
Development and Implementation of Facilities and Technologies for Determination of Constructions’ State and Aircraft Systems with Methods of Nondestructive Testing
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):43-47
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S.P. Zhukov
Assessment of the Suitability of Techno genic Ecotopes’ Conditions for the Restoration of Plant Cover
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):48-54
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S.P. Tsygankov, O.I. Volodko, A.I. Yemets, H.V. Lantukh, D.I. Lytvyn, K.M. Lukashevich, A.H. Novak, S.P. Ozheredov, D.B. Rakhmetov, S.I. Spivak, Y.B. Blume
Development and Testing the Technology of Complex Transformation of Carbohydrates from Vegetable Raw Materials into Bioethanol
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):55-69
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The World of Innovations

I.S. Chekman, T.Yu. Nebesna, O.O. Kazakova, A.O. Vysotskiy
Molecular Topology: New Approach in Pharmacology
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):73-78
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V.V. Kravchuk, V.M. Grynchuk
Innovation Activity Effect on Competitiveness of the Companies of Khmelnitsky Region
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):79-86
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Information section

Our Authors
Nauka innov. 2013, 9(4):87-88
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