Nauka innov. 2012, 8(6):67–75

S.P. Ozheredov, S.I. Spivak, A.I. Yemets, Y.B. Blume
State Institution «Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics NAS of Ukraine», Kiev


Introduction of the High Effective System of Weedy Grasses Control in Grain Crop Cultivation: Screening of Graminicides and Their Compositions with other Herbicides for Phytotoxicity

Section: Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Screening of graminicides and their compositions with other herbicides on phytotoxicity for further winter wheat and other cereal crops treatment was carried out. We have also shown that the composition of herbicide Axial with the insecticidal agent diazinon (Diazol) is additive one. It was demonstrated that Axial treatment initiates programmed cell death in meristematic root cells of oat (annual weed model), while the wheat plants are not sensitive enough to its action. Based on the obtained results new high-performance herbicide systems of weed control in cereal crops are proposed and passed for introduction..
Key words: crops, grass weeds, herbicides, graminicides, insecticides, apoptosis.

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