Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

V.A. Baturin, A.Yu. Karpenko, G.V. Kyryk, V.I. Miroshnichenko, A.G. Nagornyi, S.A. Eremin, S.A. Pustovoitov, V.A. Nagornyi
Device for Producing Coatings by Means of Atomic-Ion Sputtering Method
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):5-11
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V.S. Kachynskyi, M.P Koval
Development of Technical Project of Mobile Machine for Forge Welding of Pipes of Wide Assortment
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):12-16
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G.N. Kartmazov, Yu.V. Lykirsky, G.V. Kirik, V.G. Marinin, Yu.I. Polyakov, A.A. Dejneka
Corrosion-Erosion Resistant Coatings for Steam Turbine Rotor Blades
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):17-22
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V. Granchak, V. Sysyuk, V. Grishchenko, P. Davyskyba, A. Bubnova, V. Majik, L. Yasynska
Development and Modification of Photopolymerized Adhesives for Technological Processes of Framed Print Production
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):23–31
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Scientific Basis of Innovation Activity

N.I. Glushchuk, E.Yu. Gordiyenko, Yu.Ya. Pushkar, Yu.V. Fomenko, G.V. Shustakova
Thermal Imaging Research of Liquid Heat Insulation Coating
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):35–40
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S.N. Pakhomov, A.M. Potapov, V.I. Reznichenko, S.E. Mostipan
Implementation of Advanced Explosion Welding Technology for Making New Metal Composites
Language: Russian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):41–49
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Ya.V. Pirko, A.V. Karelov, N.A. Kozub, I.A. Sozinov, N.N. Pirko, A.I. Yemets, V.I. Korkhovy, V.T. Koliuchiy, Ya.B. Blume, A.A. Sozinov
Implementation of the Methods for Detection of Leaf Rust Resistance Genes in wheat Based on Carrying out Polymerase Chain Reaction
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):50–56
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N.V. Chepel, N.E. Frolova, V.A. Usenko, K.A. Naumenko, I.M. Silka, E.M. Usatiuk
Investigation of Optically Active Isomers Concentration with the Allocation of Narrow Fractions of Essential Oils
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):57–63
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Yu.I. Sidorov, V.V. Kozik
Nonlinear Development of Economic System within the Framework of the Lorents Model
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):64–72
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The World of Innovations

Arevik Khnkoyan
National Innovation System and the Development of Scientific and Innovation Policy in the Republic of Armenia
Language: English
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):75–83
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Information section

On the Main Results of the State Program of Basic and Applied Research on the Use of Nuclear Materials, Nuclear and Radiation Technologies in the Field of Economy Branches Development
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):84–87
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Our Authors
Nauka innov. 2012, 8(3):88–89
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