Nauka innov. 2006, 2(2):76-85

G. G. Pivnyak
National Mining University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Energy Saving in Industrial Sector of Economy of Ukraine

Section: Problems of Energenetics Development in Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Factors, that define the topicality of the problem of energy saving for the economy of Ukraine, are considered. It is marked, that the high (up to 96 %) specific gravity of the production of enterprises of the third and fourth technological structures conditions high power capacity of the Gross Inner Product of the state. The most power-consuming branches in the industrial sector of national economy are metallurgical, mining industry, machine building and chemical industry (more than 50 % of general energy-consumption). That is why, introduction of science-consuming energy-effective technologies and techniques in these branches is an extraordinarily topical problem. The potential of energy saving in Ukraine is realized by two compounds: structural and technological. Technological compound is the factor of strategic innovations. It lets reach the increasing of effectiveness of production and consumption of energy resources at the expense of introduction of the newest energy-effective technologies. Innovational projects in the industrial sector of economy of Ukraine, that have the priority significance for solving the problem of energy saving, are considered.
Key words: energy saving, potential of energy saving, strategic innovation.