Nauka innov. 2006, 2(2):53-62

Yu. Korchevoy1, G. Pivnyak2
1 Institute of Coal and Energy Technologies, NAS and MFE of Ukraine, Kyiv, Uktaine
2 National Mining University, MES of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Advanced Coal Technology in Energetics

Section: Problems of Energenetics Development in Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The current conditions of the Ukrainian coal thermal power plants along with the fuel bases of the Power sector have been analyzed. The fuel components of the electric energy produced by the power plants were presented. It was emphasized that big part of the total natural gas consumption in the power sector has been spent on maintaining low reactive coal combustion in coal fed boiler furnaces. It is achieved due to the implementation of new highly efficient, clean ecological technologies of coal combustion. The technologies of the preliminary thermal coal preparation, coal firing in the "arch fire'' furnaces, in the atmospheric circulating fluidized bed, steam-gas units with inter cyclical coal gasification and combustion have been analyzed in details. A set of examples of these technologies utilization at the Ukrainian power plants has been presented along with the data on the widening of the Power sector fuel bases by means of the engaging of new sources into the fuel balance, such as: brown and "salt" coal and the residues of coal enrichment: schlamm and silt.
Key words: сlean coal technology, circulated fluidized bed, mining resources.