Nauka innov. 2006, 2(1):97-104

S.V. Loboyko
TECHINVEST, Kyiv, Ukraine


The Positive Experience of Venture Investment in Ukrainian Export IT Sector

Section: The World of Innovations
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Venture capital firm TECHINVEST developed successful export-oriented technology companies which build their competitive advantages on Ukrainian talents and innovations. One of such companies is United Software Corporation, based on selected Ukrainian IT companies and projects. USC works with leading international companies, including IBM (USC received an IBM preselected vendor status). TECHINVEST is working on several system projects for the development of a venture ecosystem in Ukraine: Ukrainian DFJ Nexus fund, the first technology venture fund in Ukraine, and Ukrainian High-tech competition as a tool for selecting projects and ideas attractive for venture investment, as well as annual Road-shows of Ukrainian Technologies in the US for the finalists of the Competition, organized by TECHINVEST.
Key words: TECHINVEST, United Software Corporation, venture investment, export IT industry, innovations, DFJ Nexus venture fund, Ukrainian high-tech competition, Road show of Ukrainian Technologies in the US.