Technology of Anthracite and Solid Biofuels Co-Firing in Pulverized Coal Boilers of TPP and CHP

TitleTechnology of Anthracite and Solid Biofuels Co-Firing in Pulverized Coal Boilers of TPP and CHP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsDunaevska, NI, Bondzyk, DL, Nehamin, MM, Miroshnichenko, Ye.S, Beztsenny, IV, Yevtukhov, VYa., Shudlo, TS
Short TitleNauka innov.
SectionResearch and Engineering Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Introduction. International experience provides many examples of highly efficient use of biomass for heat and electricity production in coal-fired boilers. For Ukraine that has large coal deposits and a potential of solid plant biomass, such technology has not been implemented yet.
Problem Statement. Given the scarcity of anthracite group coal, searching for new non-project fuels for thermal energy is an urgent task in the view of Ukraine’s commitment to increase renewable energy production and the need to comply with strict European emission standards.
Purpose. Development of optimal technological and operational conditions for co-firing of anthracite group coal and solid biomass.
Materials and Methods. The objects of research are pulverized Ukrainian coal and solid biomass of plant origin. Experimental research methods with laboratory and pilot plants, as well as CFD modeling have been used.
Results. Blends of coal and biomass burning conditions have been studied; optimal scheme for TPP-210A coal-fired boiler has been recommended; balance calculations in the joint torch that burns anthracite and solid biofuels have been made; according to the chosen design scheme a burner for biomass and coal co-firing for coal-fired boilers TPP-210A have been implemented and preliminary design of the burner has been prepared. The project can be used at any TPP-210A power boiler units, and with minor changes at most boilers that burn anthracite and lean coal.
Conclusions. The use of 8—12% of biomass by heat can essentially intensify the processes of anthracite coal. It is recommended to supply biomass pellets from a separate tank via a special mill to the burner where fuel is injected into the pipeline with a conical divider at output. 3D modeling of co-firing has shown a temperature flow and a fuel burn-out growth. A preliminary design of the boiler burner TPP-210A for co-combustion of anthracite and 10% biomass has been made.
Keywordsbiofuels, co-firing, coal, thermal power plants
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