Chemistry of Stable Carbenes and «Green» Technologies

TitleChemistry of Stable Carbenes and «Green» Technologies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKorotkikh, NI, Saberov, VSh., Rayenko, GF, Glinyanaya, NV, Knishevitsky, АV, Shvaika, ОP
Short TitleNauka innov.
SectionThe World of Innovations

Brief analysis of fundamental research in the chemistry of stable carbenes and applications in the field of «green» chemistry on their basis carried out at the L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical Organic & Coal Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine over the last decade is given. Carbene versions of ester Claisen condensation to form zwitterionic compounds, the Leuckart-Wallach reaction with the autoreduction of carbenoid azolium salts, Hofmann cleavage of aminocarbene insertion products, an induced tandem autotransformation of 1,2,4-triazol-5-ylidenes into 5-amidino-1,2,4-triazoles were found. New carbene reactions of ad dition, deesterification, oxidation and complexation were revealed. Effective methods of obtaining stable carbenes and carbenoids were suggested. New types of carbenes, namely benzimidazolylidenes, superstable conjugated biscarbenes and new types of carbenoids were synthesized. The existence of hypernucleophilic carbenes was theoretically predicted and experimentally confirmed. The prospects of the use of carbenes and their derivatives, in particular, carbene complexes of transition metals in catalysis of organic reactions and the search of biologically active compounds were shown.

Keywordsbiological activity, catalysis, heteroaromatic carbenes, properties, synthesis, transformations, «green» chemistry
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