Nauka innov. 2014, 10(6):55-65

V. Biloshenko1, V. Doroshev1, O. Karnachov1, I. Kutsenko2, Yu. Sluzhbin1
1 O.O. Galkin Dоnetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering, NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk
2 Dоnetsk municipal dermatovenerologic dispensary № 1, Donetsk


Equipment for Dynamic Electron Contact Thermography of Skin Melanoma

Section: Scientific and Technical Innovative Projects of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: Russian
Abstract: The computer-assisted equipment complex for dynamic electron contact thermography of skin melanoma was developed. The cooling device on the basis of Peltier cell, matrix scanner with intellectual converters «temperature/digital code» and original customized software for visualizing temperature maps and their primary mathematical processing were created. Prospects in combined use of complex and dermatoscopy to improve the validity of skin melanoma early diagnostics are experimentally proved.
Key words: skin melanoma, digital contact thermograph DCT-1, dynamic thermography.

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