Nauka innov. 2005, 1(2):118-120

A.I. Zaviriukha, A.A. Zaviriukha
Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Kyiv


New Therapeutic and Prophylactic means in the Control of the Most Dangerous Infections Common for Humans and Animals

Section: The World of Innovations
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: New non – bacterial immynogenic vaccines against anthrax – "Antrakol" and against bovine leucosis – "Leikozav" have been developed. The vaccines possess pronounced prophylactic and therapeutic properties. The vaccine "Leikozav" can be used for oncotherapy in humans. Bovitox is a mixture of sour-milk strains of useful nonpathogenic microorganisms and nonpathogenic microbes of Bacillus genus. Bovitox is a stimulator of immunity in animals, it has a general stimulating effect inducing interferon synthesis in organisms. At the room temperature the preparation is cream – colored sour milk. Bovitox is used for prophylaxis and therapy of gastroenteritis.
Key words: vaccines, leucosis, microorganisms and nonpathogenic microbes.