Nauka innov. 2005, 1(6):69-79

A. V. Makarov
V.E. Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv


New Developments in Semiconductor Solar Engineering as a Perspective Field of Innovation Business

Section: Scientific and Technical Projects of  Cooperation Programme between National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Data about development of semiconductor solar power engineering, as modern dynamically developing field of world science and manufacture are given. Development of portable solar batteries executed within the framework of the project "Development of technology and organization of pilot manufacture of solar arrays for mobile telephones", that is carried out by SDTB of ISP of NAS of Ukraine by the order KCSA is submitted. The purpose of the project – creation of pilot production of science inclusive, high-tech, competitive exportable production, creation of new workplaces at the Kiev enterprises. Examples of traditional application of solar power systems, including, in conditions of city are given
Key words: solar power engineering, portable solar arrays for mobile phones.