Nauka innov. 2005, 1(6):25-33

A. A. Pokreshchuk, V. F. Onishchenko
Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade, ME of Ukraine, Kyiv


The Basic Problems of Adaptation of Kyiv’s Industry to Conditions of the World Trading Organization

Section: Scientific and Technical Projects of  Cooperation Programme between National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The basic results of research on the adaptation of the industry of Kyiv to the terms of the WTO are considered. It is shown that the increase of the competitiveness of domestic producers is main focus of such preparation. Recommendations to support high-tech and innovative areas of Kyiv industrial complex are grounded; necessary institutional changes in the business environment in the context of WTO requirements are identified.
Key words: the World trading organization, investigations of the introduction Ukraine into WТО, competitiveness, highly technological production and services, an innovation, management, institutional transformations.