Nauka innov. 2005, 1(6):10-13

O. P. Zinchenko, V. P. Ilchuk
Scientific Research Institute for Urban Social and Economic Problems, Kyiv


Development of Innovation Infrastructure as Base Element of City Innovation System

Section: Scientific and Technical Projects of  Cooperation Programme between National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: In the article it is considered the question of the creation of main segment of city innovation system – the Center of innovation development, functioning of which will be based on modern technologies of innovation management for the purpose of organization of all-sufficient algorithm of creation, commercialization and transfer of technologies in city economic complex. Innovation attraction, creation additional work places are possible only under the condition of conversion of economic to the path of innovation development, what demands creation and development of innovation commercialization mechanism as base element of regional innovation system. The coordinating center of technologies transfer system (the Center of innovation development) may serve as such element. The project of creation of such Center is base on determination of Kiev board № 215/1089 (27.11.2003). It has necessary support, but problems with placements make impossible to consolidate high-technology export-oriented companies, first of all in the area of information and communication technologies, on its territory.
Key words: innovation, innovation infrastructure, innovation development.

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