Nauka innov. 2005, 1(5):50-60

I. M. Fyk
SE UkrNDIgaz, Kharkiv


The Development of Gas-Condensate Fields with Use of the New Formation Pressure Maintenance Systems

Section: Innovations in Production and Transportation of Natural Gas
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The modern technologies of the development of gas-condensate fields with a high specific content of condensate by means of formation pressure maintenance do not provide complete condensate recovery from the core. From 30 to 55 % of condensate reserves despite of the development in a mode of cycling process can be unrecovered from a formation. This condensate is a subject for researches from the point of increase of a hydrocarbon recovery final ratio. The new types of the field development systems for the gas-condensate fields with reservoir pressure maintenance directed to more complete recovery of condensate from the core are offered. The new ways for controlling the mode of a cycling process, some efficient methods on a gas-condensate formation as well as methods of formation pressure maintenance by means of by passing dry gas and the ways of a development of oil edge and condensate bank are worked out. The influencing parameters of an oil-gas and condensate formation on the efficiency of a development are studied. At the expense of an introduction of some new technological procedures and types of formation pressure maintenance the increase of the recovery of condensate from the reservoirs from 3 to 20 % depending on a geologic peculiarity of gas-condensate reservoirs is possible.
Key words: formation pressure, cycling process, gas displacement, precipitation of condensate.

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