For Authors

The Science and Innovation journal publishes articles and brief information containing the particulars of research, engineering developments, promising innovative projects, know-how from different areas of scholarly research, engineering, and thematic materials, as well as reports on conferences, trade and specialized exhibitions, and new scholarly research publications. The Journal accepts for publishing articles in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. Publication of materials is free of charge.


The Journal topics are as follows:

1. General Problems of Modern Research and Innovation Policy,

2. Scientific Framework of the Innovation Activity,

3. Research and Engineering Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

4. The World of Innovations, and

5. Legal Protection of Intellectual Property


The material published in the Journal is subject to internal and external peer review by the editorial board members or experts in the relevant field. The reviewing process is confidential. In the event of a negative review or significant remarks the article may be rejected or returned to the author(s) for revision. If the author(s) disagrees with the reviewer opinion, by decision of the Editorial Board, an additional independent peer review may be appointed. Upon the author revision in accordance with the reviewer comments the article is signed for publishing.

The Editorial Board is entitled to refuse publishing the manuscripts containing the previously published data, the materials not corresponding to the Journal topics, and the materials breaching the ethical standards (e.g., conflicts between authors or between authors and an organization, plagiarism, etc.). The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit and to shorten the manuscripts without disruption of the original content. The rejected manuscripts are not returned.


The Manuscript Submission for Publishing

The manuscript shall be submitted to the Journal both in hardcopy and in electronic form on an electronic storage device (CD, USB flash drive). The electronic version of the article shall fully match with the paper one. The manuscript shall be signed by all coauthors or by responsible representative.

The total volume of manuscript: up to 2 pages and up to 2 figures for the theses; up to 5 pages and up to 5 figures for the brief information; up to 20 pages and up to 10 figures for the articles.



The manuscript shall be appended with:

1. An official referral letter signed by the director of institution where the research is carried out.

2. License agreement on copyright transfer (contract form is available at the editorial office or online: download Agreement.pdf). The license agreement enters into force after the approval of the article for publishing. The signing of the license agreement by author(s) means that they are familiar and agree with the terms of the agreement.

3. Information about each author: first, patronymic, and last name in full, position, place of employment, academic status, scientific degree, contact information (phone, email), ORCID code (if available). The information about the authors is submitted in two languages, Ukrainian and English.

4. Storage device with the text, figures, tables, and information about the authors.



The Requirements for the Articles

The article shall be structured as follows: Introduction, which outlines the problem statement, the relevance of the chosen topic, an analysis of recent research and publications, purpose and objectives; The statement of the research material and the results obtained; Conclusions summarizing the work and prospects for further research in this direction; and References.

The title page shall be submitted in Ukrainian, English, and Russian and contain the following information:

1) the name(s) and initials of the author(s);

2) the title of the article;

3) the name of the institution, full postal address, telephone number, fax number, and email address;

4) the article abstract shall contain 1200–1800 characters. The abstract shall meet the sequential logic of description of the results and state the main objectives of the study; and summarize the most important results. The abstract shall have the following structural parts: вступ, проблематика, мета, матеріали й методи, результати, висновки in Ukrainian; Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusions, in English; введение, проблематика, цель, материалы и методы, результаты, выводы, in Russian.

5) the keywords are limited to 8 words.


The text shall be typed in 12-point font size double-spaced on A4 paper. Article title, chapter titles are typed in capital letters and highlighted in bold.

The formulas shall be typed in the Equation editor or MatType. Articles containing handwritten formulas are not accepted for publishing.

The values that are used for the first time, shall be defined, and then the appropriate term shall be used throughout the text.

The tables shall be submitted on separate pages and shall be made using the MS Word spreadsheet editor. The use of pseudographic symbols is unacceptable.

The figures shall be printed on separate pages and have a size of 160 × 200 mm, at most. The text in the figures shall be typed using 10-point font size. The measuring units shall be indicated by commas in graphs. The figures are numbered in order of their location in the text, the parts of figures shall be numbered with letters — a, b, etc. The back of the figure shall feature its number written with pencil, the «top» of the figure shall be indicated with an arrow, if necessary.

The captions to figures and tables shall be typed in the manuscript after the list of references.

The list of references shall be given at the end. The references shall be numbered consecutively in the order of citation in the text. The references to unpublished and unfinished works are inadmissible. The references to books (monographs, individual chapters, etc.), articles from scientific periodicals, conference proceedings, patents and copyright certificates, PhD theses or abstracts to them, electronic resources are acceptable. The titles of articles, monographs, collections, conference proceedings, report theses, abstracts of dissertations, and preprints shall be given in full. The references to articles shall have the names of all coauthors (if their number ranges from 1 to 7; if there are 8 or more authors, the first six authors are named followed by ellipsis (…) and the last author named), periodical name, year, volume, issue, start and end pages, the references to monographs shall indicate the place of publication (the full name of the city), publisher, year of publication, total number of pages. The references shall consist of the two parts: REFERENCES in original and REFERENCES in English language.


REFERENCES in English is the list of references translated to English (or transliterated in Latin) and made in compliance with international requirements of American Psychological Association (APA) style. The titles of periodicals (journals) shall be given in compliance with their ISSN official Latin spelling. The original language shall be added to the source (e.g.: [in Ukrainian]) and DOI digital identifier (if available), for instance:



Examples of REFERENCES

The Journal Articles

Mahlin, N. M., Korotynskyj, O. Ye., Svyrydenko, A. O. (2013). Aparatno-programni kompleksy dlja avtomatychnogo zvarjuvannja nepovorotnyh stykiv truboprovodiv atomnyh elektrostancij. Nauka innov., 9(6), 31–45 [in Ukrainian].

Bechara, A., Damasio, H., & Damasio A. R. (2000). Emotion, decision making and the orbitofrontal cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 10(3), 295–307. doi:10.1093/cercor/10.3.295

The Books

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The Conference Proceedings

Jonathan E. L., & Dumais, S.T. (2010). Leveraging temporal dynamics of document content in relevance ranking. Proceedings of the Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, February 36, 2010, New York, 1–10.

The Patents

Patent of Ukraine N 39628. Kliuk B. O., Shymko R. Ya., Vecherik R. L., Khaetskyi Yu. B., Halii P. P., Hresko T. M., Prytula M. H., Pyanylo Ya. D., Prytula N. M. Method for determination of optimal operation of wells in combination with operation of other wells and, respectively, underground gas storage [in Ukrainian].

The Copyright Certificates

A. s. 1810306 SSSR, MKI5 S 02 F 1/469. Sposob demineralizacii vodnyh rasvorov. V. D. Grebenjuk, N. P. Strizhak, V. V. Goncharuk, A. O. Samsoni-Todorov, A. V. Grechko. No. 4934753; zajavl. 08.05.91; opubl. 23.04.93, Bjul. No. 15.

The Synopses of Thesis

Mashukov, A. O. (2011). Efficiency hospital stage of rehabilitation of patients with colon cancer. PhD (Med.) Odesa [in Ukrainian].

Bozeman, A. Jr. (2007). Age of onset as predictor of cognitive children with seizure disorders. (Doctoral dissertation). Proquest Dissertations and Theses. (UMI 3259752).

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Laws and Regulations

Pro Vyshchu Osvitu: Zakon Ukrainy 2014, № 1556-VII § rozdil 5 stattia 16 (2016).

The Remote Access Electronic Sources

Scholarly research periodicals and publishing activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. URL: (Last accessed: 19.03.2014).


For references to the Journal materials, the Journal title, Science and Innovation, shall be abbreviated a s Sci. innov.



The Requirements for the Electronic Version

1. The text shall be typed in MS Word editor (.doc).

2. The figures shall be presented in .eps or .tiff formats with a resolution of, at least, 300 dpi. The figures made using software packages for mathematical and statistical processing shall be converted to the mentioned formats.

3. The photos are accepted in .tiff format with a resolution of, at least, 300 dpi.

4. The tags and texts in image files shall be italicized.

5. If figures contain significant text parts (over 100 characters), the text shall be submitted separately, typed in the MS Word editor, and placed after the caption to the figure.

The articles that do not meet the editorial requirements shall not be accepted.

The authors are responsible for the accuracy of information, facts, and other knowledge, references to regulations, citations, and for the proper spelling of names and titles.

The materials published in the Journal represent the opinions of their authors, which do not always coincide with the views of the Editorial Board.